Proof of Stake

PoS – Proof of Stake is a method used to confirm blocks on the blockchain and
it rewards coin holders based on amount held in your wallet.
It doesn’t use GPU and more electricity therefore PoS is faster, cheaper and
more efficient way of mining blocks and securing the blockchain. The
cryptographic calculations in PoS are much easier for computers to solve.
Additional protection of blockchain comes with the way PoS is discouraging
dishonesty and an attacker is penalized with a penalty. All you have to do is
hold your coins in your wallet and earn rewards that we have specified in coin
The more coins you have the more often you will receive and earn coins from
transactions happening on the network. Make sure that your wallet is
unlocked so you can benefit from PoS System


Join Simmple POS Pool and stake DUDGX with other DUDGX Holders.

Staking together with others ensures regular stakes. As mentioned above, you will stake rewards more often because of the high amount of DUDGX held in a SSP wallet.