The best protection for your body


3D Printed Protective Gear

Designed to fit you 100 % according to your body structure. We make use of 3d scanning technology to create 3d designs to ensure complete accuracy for maximum protection while remaining eco friendly. Our customers will be able to recycle their DUDGX pads if they wish to upgrade their gear at the fraction of the cost. All body protection will be available both in standard sizes and customized sizes. Designed for professional extreme sports athletes, stunt performers and movie stars.


Stunt Gear

Gear made for profesional stunt performers and actors. Customize your gear or choose standard sizes.

Horse Riding

Protection for you and your horse. Designed for stunt horse riders and equestrian professionals.

Skating Gear

Stay protected and still look cool with DUDGX skate gear. Shock absorbing and durable design made for ultimate protection.

Biking Gear

Protective gear made from carbon fiber and a variety of other materials to keep you protected while riding on road or dirt.

Snow Sports

Snowboarding and Skiing Gear to offer you the best protection while doing your favourite snow sports.

Team Sports

Protect your body at training sessions and on the field, made for maximum performance.


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